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Local Government Assurance and Advising

Smythe has an intimate understanding of the needs and demands of local governments in British Columbia. We have extensive experience building and auditing financial statements compliant with the guidelines of the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB). At Smythe we have the ability to provide you with far more than just auditing services; we aim to be your partner, helping to advance your organization.


Our client service experience ranges from small municipal villages and districts to larger cities located in all areas of British Columbia. We are familiar with the challenges faced by these organizations, such as compliance with tangible capital asset requirements and the application of development cost charges.

We have several years of experience providing management consulting services to local governments, offering such services as system design and implementation support, building five year capital and operating plans and fiscal budgeting models. Smythe staff have many years of experience both working with local governments and on staff for local governments, giving us insight into the operations of your organization, and ensuring we can assist throughout the year, not just with the year end audit. You can count on Smythe to be available and ready to help throughout the course of our working relationship.

Our Services

Whether you need an audit or complex operational advice, here are some of the areas where we can assist: 

  • Building and auditing statements compliant with PSAB guidelines
  • HST compliance and recovery reviews
  • System design and implementation
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Long term strategic planning and budgeting
  • Assisting with the reporting requirement of the Province of British Columbia

Recent Projects:

  • PSAB compliance auditing of financial statements
  • Assisting with note disclosure and statement compilation
  • Full scale implementation so of asset management systems and software
  • Efficiency reviews of PSAB 3150 compliance systems
  • HST reviews
  • Consulting on the set up and reporting of government business enterprises
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