May 13, 2010

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Sadly, Canuck hockey has come to an end for this season after the 5 ? 1 loss to Chicago last night. But, don?t despair ? introducing the SR hockey team aka your new hockey obsession! Here is a summary to get you update to date with what has been happening, just in time to come out and support us at tonight?s game (Wednesday 9:30pm sunset arena).

Monday night?s game was everything a die-hard hockey fan could ask for in a game: lightening fast pace; hard hitting and endless waves of back and forth chances which goalies of only the highest caliber could dream of defending. Amongst the rubber artillery fire a decisive victory would be found. One team would rein triumphant, forcing the other to hang their heads in shame. In the end the scoring race was won by KPMG?s gaggle of merry men, but by no means did SR hang their heads as this was to be ?the best game played in the history of the tournament? (unknown CA tournament historian).

But this isn?t the full story, for me to stop here would be a theft of your right to get the full story told without flare or flaunt, the raw truth and nothing but (ok, a little flaunt wouldn?t hurt):

1st: There was an array of talent to stage the battle between the two power house teams. KPMG was the first to draw blood with a bullet from Nick the ex-Giant. SR fought hard and squeaked one past the tender to tie it up rounding off the 1st period.

2nd: The second period was all KPMG at first with waves of unrivaled attacks. The SR goalie stood on his head turning away howitzers from all angles. Inevitably KPMG found a way to fill our baskets and went up 3 ? 1 with a mere 5 minutes remaining in the 2nd period. Bruised and bloodied we filled our hearts with courage and dowsed our sticks with fire blazing two goals straight through the center of the opposing goalies chest and into the back of the net to tie the game heading into the 3rd period.

3rd and final: After a short commercial break and some locker room interviews a charged SR team took to the ice. Full of mustard, SR stormed down the ice and set up a clinic in the opposing team?s end. SR slotted one through and took their first lead in the game. This is when the game took a turn for the worst. Light bumps were followed up with light hip checks, followed by light cross checks and then all out slash fest. KPMG put together its dirtiest hockey game ever witnessed by the thunderbird arena, the team was replaced with a lineup of Byfuglien?s resulting two pucks pushing their way into the net goalie included; 5 ? 4 bad guys with 3 minutes remaining.

SR pulled their goalie, pride on the line. Shots rang off posts and goalie masks. The battle raged on in the KPMG zone for the remainder of the game with the last shot from point blank absorbed by the solar plexus of a sprawling center to save the game.

We may have lost the battle but we have not lost the war: Game 3 vs. KNV next Wednesday 9:30pm sunset arena: Blood x 3

Stay tuned?.

Eli Dusenbury

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