November 4, 2009

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Happy Halloween!

The ties came off and the candy bowls were set out as the staff at Smythe Ratcliffe prepared for a spooky celebration last Friday. Staff dressed up and Trick-or-Treated their way around the office.

This year we added a twist to make dressing up a little more challenging. Staff had to think of a costume that corresponded to their initials. For example, someone with the initials RM could be Ronald McDonald; someone with the initials TT could be a baby suffering through the Terrible Two?s . . . .

Have a look what these creative minds came up with. Can you guess what they are?? Vote for your favorite at the bottom!


GK . . . Scary!

Ever seen a talk show about mismatched couples? MC and EM

Ever seen a talk show about mismatched couples?? MC and EM


Whose the real JM?


How about this one - RL


Everyone should get this one! JR


On the left - SM. The right - RG

SR Halloween 021

Initials are PP, any guesses?

SR Halloween 001

You should be able to get these even without initials! From left to right, LL, MM, CK


Our Winners! 1st place was Mall Cop (Matt Czech), 2nd place was our Raging Lizard (Rosanne Lamarche), 3rd place went to George 'Gate Keeper' Kovalyov. The runner up was Joey Radic as John Rambo. Honorable mentions went to Jason Mosberian (for dressing up as SR's own Joseph Meagher) and Brenan Day for his brave Barbie Doll outfit.

Now tell us what you think!

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