July 22, 2015

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Smythe would like to congratulate long-time client Markus Frind and the PlentyOfFish team for completing the US$575 million divestiture to The Match Group.
Using an integrated team approach Smythe acted as a divestiture, tax and deal management advisor to this US$575 million transaction.
The Smythe Ratcliffe team was led by partners:

From inception to acquisition, PlentyOfFish has been a valued client of Smythe. Markus Frind, Founder and CEO, launched his online dating website from his apartment in 2003 and approached Smythe just after incorporating his business. Markus developed his website as a side project and from the beginning found a way to monetize and grow his business. Now just over a decade later, we congratulate Markus and the PlentyOfFish team for their extraordinary accomplishments.
We look forward to lending our support to Markus and his continued success.

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