June 8, 2010

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Its bitter cold
The rink stands alone; cold and dark;
The air reeks of blood and sweat and our heads lay on the ice in memory of recent events;
Broken sticks lay in silence like burnt trees in a dying forest;
The sounds of nothing are dense against the soft purr of the highly efficient arena exhaust fans;
We may not have won,
We may not have felt the weight of a championship in our arms,
We may have fallen,
But we got up,
We swung our swords in high arching swings,
We flung our bodies,
We sacrifice everything,
We gave our best, your team;
We won in effort,
We won in blood,
But we lost our hearts when the final buzzer came,
Its bitter cold.

Young sports fans; gather round its story time?.

Last Wednesday night marks a fragment in history, a crack in time and space that may or may not disrupt the fabric which holds us all together. Grab a cup of coffee, a blanket and a towel to dry your tears? wait for it ?….

The set up:
Before last night?s story began, battles were fought tooth and nail and lest we forget the fallen:
The slap shot record building up to the final game:

W ? SR -vs. – E&Y (7 -2 victory. retribution is sweet)
L ? SR ?vs. – KPMG (5-4 a dirty loss makes things interesting)
W ? SR ?vs. – KNV (5-4 close but a win none the less)

For the first time in three years, SR made it to the semis finishing 2nd in the Western conference!!

Going to the semis!!

Finishing first place in the Eastern conference, Grant Thornton, with a 3 W?s and 0 L?s record posed a formidable opponent. To catch a win here would put SR in the final game with a chance to take the Championship!!!

W ? SR ?vs. – GT (5-1 victory and a chance to win a championship)

The championship game:
In the eastern conference, KPMG (first place in the West) fights PwC (second place in the East). In a down to the wire effort, PwC manages to snake a win in OT setting up the stage for the final showdown: PWC scallywags vs. SR super troopers.

1st wave: Arrows
Wednesday night?s pace brought the world to its knees. The stage was set, the battle trumpets blared and the first minute of the first period would mirror the action for the rest of the game:

Not one minute in, the first kill of the game occurred. In addition, the first goal was scored: 1 ? 0 PwC. Despite the cold silence from the shocked fans, the SR team, hopped up on Gatorade and caffeine pills plowed down the ice, swords drawn they sliced into the defenders once, then twice 2 ? 1 good guys.

The crowd erupted, ?guttural screams could be heard through the walls of the dorm room. I thought it was Armageddon!!? admits a startled 2 year university student as she shudders in the memory.

PwC stood fast. They carried their fallen off the ice and sent in the snipers. The snipers barreled in, silent and deadly they fired from all angles with advanced weaponry. Before the period was up, their bullets penetrated our net to bring the game back to a stale mate: 2 ? 2.

2nd Wave: Horses
The battle raged on late into the second. Opposing goalies pirouetted through rubber hail storms, until the weather cleared and our gorilla operations flanked and cut two long into the score board once again, 4-2 good guys.

A feeding frenzy erupted, our goalie found a comfortable position on his head but unable to stop the onslaught, the scallywags again matched our efforts before the sounds of the buzzer pierced through the air. Again the slate is wiped clean 4 ? 4.

3rd Wave: foot soldiers
Broken sticks, swords and blood were swept off the ice. Wounds were stitched as our team sat in silence, preparing for the final push. Focus so great we did not let the press enter our dressing rooms. The third period sprung out of the gates like a pack of wild horses. Shooting galleries had set up camp with rubber artillery fire in both ends. SR?s blood was spilt first with a 5th dagger.

Was this to be the end of the match?

In a gallant effort, SR stormed down the ice 5 strong, unleashing a cannon an SR forward blasted the puck through the netting and of into the distance; 5 – 5 even Steven.

Despite heroic efforts, our fight and determination we could not hold off the onslaught to follow. One puck found the back of our net then two; a plague had struck our bench. We sat helplessly as we choked on the score. 3 minutes remained and the SR troops, back against the wall faced extinction. With goalie pulled, we put it all on the line. SR placed an invisible barrier at center ice and held the puck in the opposing teams end. A post (30 seconds remain), a blocked shot (7 seconds) and a dozen battles in a corner. The final seconds ticked off the clock falling like the last leaves of a maple tree as it prepares for winter. 7 -5 PwC ? and silence.

Agony: a-g?-n? Middle English agonie, from Late Latin agonia, from Greek ag?nia struggle, anguish, from ag?n gathering, contest for a prize, intense pain of mind or body

Defeat is a difficult pill to swallow. Having said that, it would be even more difficult to say that we didn?t play our hearts out and that we weren?t proud of our best efforts. 2nd place in such a high caliber championship game isn?t that bad at all? in fact it?s great!!

Be sure to congratulate the team, dry their eyes of tears and remind them that they found silver, a mighty triumph!

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support and a special thanks to those who came to watch last night?s game.

A tribute to SR members & Alumina:

– Gary Luedke ? forward/team owner/President
– Steven Joe ? defenseman/coach
– Eli Dusenbury ? forward/GM/VP Hockey Operations
– Joseph Meagher ? defenseman/water boy

& Alumnae:
– Brenan Day ? forward/ special teams/ water boy?s assistant
– Ian Thomas ? defense/ bruiser
– Jamie McIntyre ? forward foot soldier

Until next year?.. Blood: The Sequel

Today’s story time brought to you by Eli Dusenbury

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