May 20, 2010

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In the Beginning there was Light..
For those who are aware of what makes us tick, what the meaningful purpose in life is, what drives us forward, what encourages some to rise up against all odds?. You need not read this, for you, my lucky few, are gifted with the answer to all of life?s questions, please stop here and collect your prize (warning: prize may or may not exist ? sorry, cutbacks).

For all others, please read on for this is written in the hopes that perhaps we may share in a small understanding, a glimpse of light or a fraction of the truth alongside the hometown heroes from SR who were triumphant in last Friday?s battle for gold!!

The world?s most coveted moments can be summarized into the following categories: Lord Stanley?s Cup, the Green Jacket from Augusta, Vince Lombardi, Grey Cup, Beer and the newly coveted CA Indoor Soccer Tournament Chalice. It was a mere 4 days ago when the boys from SR challenged the world, against all odds, played tooth and nail to successfully change history as we know it.

Friday Night
In front of a packed crowd (Daisy, Matt, Joseph, Steve Brassard, Melissa (Mrs. Kovalyov) and myself) last Friday night, the hometown heroes wound up and threw a tornado of soccer talent in a crash course with the poor unsuspecting Deloitte imposters.

Charging through the gates, SR quickly went ahead 1 ? 0 with a cruise missile to the mesh by our one and only Captain Fauxhawk early in the first half. Alex potted a second in a flurry of fists, teeth and feet. Unfortunately for him it was too much feet, and Alex was out of the game with a lower body injury (don?t ask).

Despite a gritty battle put up by Deloitte, SR?s defense led by Jason Mosberian and George Kovalyov stifled the imposters with speed and CA-like intelligence, allowing only one shot in the second half of the game. Adding salt to the untreated wounds, Jason sniped a goal and an assist like an assassin off the face of SR?s own courageous Chris Lee, ending what little hope Deloitte had in winning the game and ultimately the tournament.
You could tell the SR soccer team had evolved into a well-oiled machine, inching the ball forward like clockwork, capitalizing on mistakes and not once did they ease up. Attempts to turn the game around were given full refunds by SR, Deloitte could only watch helplessly as we went on to win 5 ? 0!!!
Coming into the Tournament with 0 wins in tournament history, SR was the clear favorite to come in dead last. Turning heads, and confusing the critics, SR went on a 5 wins, zero losses feeding frenzy to take home the win.

3rd party confirmation
?SR embodies the Canadian spirit with every stride it makes in good business practices both on and off the field. SR?s win over Deloitte symbolizes the phoenix?s rise from the ashes, a triumph measured in hope, hard work and determination. People across the globe will know that few stood against many and were rewarded in GOLD!? – BC political advisor, sports enthusiast and supporter of the true Canadian vision

To cap off the night in true style, SR had a feast and basked in the moment; especially Hussain who happily bathed in the Chalice before parading in glee through the night and well into the next day. Those who were there witnessed a shift in history and those who weren?t were saluted!

Eli Dusenbury . . . over and out

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