Valuation Enhancement

Our team of advisors have the financial expertise to provide an assessment of value by analyzing business performance from a strategy, data, profitability and working capital perspective. We utilize these skills to help our clients assess their current performance and identify potential areas for improvement. We then advise our clients through their journey of implementing sensible strategies to start enhance the value of their business.

Our clients value these insights as they provide a foundation from which to make strategic business decisions with the goal of maximizing the cash flow and valuation of their business.

This article discusses how we provide value-add insights to our clients on how they might improve their business performance and valuation.

Our clients often want a sounding board to discuss their business strategy, or would like a third party perspective on their business performance. Some ways we help our clients include:

  • Quality of earnings – we study every aspect of your revenues and expenses to reveal next-level insights on your business that allow you to make decisions that matter. This can result in optimizing resource allocation to unlock more cash flow and value to your business.
  • Budgeting and financial modelling – we help clients at various stages of their business by assisting with their budgeting process or providing detailed financial models, so they can understand the impact of key decisions on their business performance.
  • Business Strategy Evaluation – we work with our clients to develop or improve their annual and five-year strategic planning. This includes providing our perspective on the soundness and practicality of your business strategy in conjunction with your budgeting process.
  • KPI setup – we provide analytic services to help you understand your business from a data perspective. This includes working with you to determine the KPI’s that have an impact, and setting up the systems so that you are able to review these KPI’s in real-time.
  • Working capital analysis – we study every aspect of your cash-conversion cycle to better understand how to unlock more cash flow from your business.

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