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Our experienced team of valuations experts is equipped to provide independent and objective valuation services for matrimonial and shareholder litigation.


For most, litigation proceedings can be emotional and stressful. In times of such uncertainty, Smythe’s advisory team can contribute invaluable financial expertise to your legal team, giving you much-needed peace of mind. If you choose us as your financial experts, you can rest assured that we will work closely with your lawyers to analyze complex economic, financial and accounting issues.

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Our Expertise

Our experts have given expert witness testimony before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Queen’s Bench of Alberta and in both mediations and arbitrations. We are members of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business ValuatorsChartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and Collaborative Divorce Vancouver Society.

We understand the importance of not only getting our analysis right but also clearly communicating our position to all parties involved. We take pride in developing our analysis based on supportable facts and reasonable assumptions so as to ensure our conclusions are credible and respected.

How We Can Help Our Services

Whether you are representing a client in a personal or a business dispute, Smythe will provide you with accurate and substantiated valuations so you can confidently litigate for your client. What we can provide:

Business valuations

Settlement negotiations and related tax planning

Calculation of economic loss

Preparation of expert reports

Income determination in spousal and child support cases

Expert testimony at trial, mediation and arbitration

Cross-examination assistance

Review and critique expert reports

Assistance in mediations and arbitrations

MORE SERVICES Related Services

Smythe offers our valued clients a wide range of tailored services. Our local knowledge and specialized industry insight help you succeed in today’s ever-changing environment.

Business Valuations

We are well versed in providing independent, objective and expert business valuation services for a number of purposes such as tax and transaction pricing.


Canadian Tax

We can help you navigate the increasingly complex tax landscape to develop effective strategies and solutions that work for you and your business.


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