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At Smythe, we believe strongly in celebrating your efforts and investing in your growth as a professional. We know our successes over the last several decades are down to our talented and dedicated employees. We are always looking to add new faces and skills to our roster. Life at Smythe is one of mutual appreciation and growth, which makes us the ideal place to work, regardless of where you are in your career.

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Campus Recruitment

At Smythe, we believe in helping the accountants of tomorrow develop and pursue their professional goals. Through one-on-one mentorship and opportunities to work directly with clients, Smythe provides the perfect environment for new grads to translate their academic knowledge into real-world experience.

Before applying, please download and fill out the CPA Student Application Form below. To submit your application, please upload (in one PDF document and in this order) the completed CPA Student Application Form, your cover letter, your resume and your transcript(s).

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The journey to becoming certified The Articling Experience

Since 1980, we have guided hundreds of students on their journey to becoming qualified and successful accountants. In addition to life at Smythe perks, we have developed an extensive infrastructure that supports and empowers articling students, and that will set you up for growth and success in your future career.

As an articling student at Smythe, you will benefit from mentorship, coaching and training from highly qualified and experienced accountants. We use both classroom and on-the-job practical training to help you develop the necessary technical skills, as well as learn about business development and project management.

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You will be partnered with a coach, who will closely monitor your schedule as you begin your modules and during all components of the CPA program. We take into account your learning style and career goals when assigning you a mentor, who will ensure a good balance in assignments to shore up all areas of knowledge as you prepare for exams. You can expect open communication across all levels, timely feedback and a supportive cohort of peers and leaders.

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Smythe supports CPA students through a combination of paid fees, paid time off and time off permitted as a leave of absence without pay, for PEP study purposes. 

During Core Modules 1–4 students will be given two days unpaid leave for study time, which will be from their banked overtime or vacation entitlement. They are also able to request an additional two days off, should they need it.

Students will be entitled to 10 days of paid leave to be taken throughout Capstone 1 and Capstone 2.  

CFE writers are allowed a maximum of 10 weeks (50 working days) of time off in their CFE year. The 10 weeks apply toward the calendar year of the CFE date between January 1 and December 31.  

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All our students progress through the audit and assurance path, which means they will gain experience in a wide variety of sectors and industries. We also believe that learning how to communicate with clients is a critical component of being a successful accountant. For this reason, we introduce our junior staff to clients very early in their careers, so they can begin honing these essential skills and developing necessary relationships.

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Our Culture

At Smythe, we are committed to maintaining a safe, friendly and engaging working environment for all our employees. As a mid-sized firm, we are a close-knit team, rooted in open and honest communication, and working together to achieve common goals.

We believe in recognizing and rewarding everyone’s efforts and have instituted a “celebration culture” we are proud of. We recognize the large and small contributions and achievements of every single staff member.

Our approach prioritizes learning and development, tailored to each individual’s specific aspirations and abilities. Every staff member is assigned a coach and mentor to guide them through their career, and we encourage employees to take advantage of firm-sponsored courses and professional development to expand their knowledge and skillset.

Perks and Benefits Life at Smythe

In addition to all the professional benefits Smythe offers, we also have a comprehensive package of discretionary benefits.

Smythe offers all employees access to an annual $500 Taxable Wellness Account, which covers personal health and well-being activities or equipment such as physiotherapist visits and yoga mats. In addition, we provide comprehensive medical and dental benefit plans, as well as  extended sick time and paid weekly meal plans. Employees are entitled to paid time off for medical and dental appointments.

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In addition to helping employees stay physically healthy, Smythe also provides for employees’ mental health and well-being. You will have access to online resources and an employee assistance program with consultations and a wide variety of tools available. Team members are allowed to take personal and vacation days as suits them. Smythe has also instituted a “Summer Days” program firm-wide that consists of four days during the summer months when the office will be closed and employees given a bonus day off. Employees can also opt for voluntary banked overtime, should they desire.

Balancing Rock Formation

Being a mid-sized firm with just over 200 employees, there are plenty of opportunities available to all team members to socialize and network. We have several active committees including a Social Committee that regularly coordinates firm-wide social events, such as Friday Afternoon Socials and various holiday parties.

Our Wellness Committee promotes resources and activities that boost employees’ health and wellness, and our Betterment Brigade coordinates initiatives around sustainability and giving back, to ensure we do our part as members of the society and communities we live and work in.

We also have various recreational and intramural sports teams, including a stellar softball team that plays in a city-wide league. Employees also get together and organize running groups when the weather permits, as well as biking, hiking and skiing adventures.

Smythe is extremely proud of our ongoing partnership with our hometown team, the Canucks, and we endeavour to support the team as much as we can every season.

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About Us

Smythe LLP is a leading professional services firm with locations in Vancouver, Langley and Nanaimo. Since 1980, we have been providing assurance, taxation, and business advice to private and public clients across BC and Canada, empowering them to grow and thrive.

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