Pension & Benefit Plans

Our experienced team of advisors have decades of experience in providing specialized auditing services that meet the unique needs of pension and benefit plans. Explore how our expertise can help you navigate this intricate financial landscape while maintaining the best interests of your members and stakeholders.

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Smythe is dedicated to delivering high-quality advice and services to our pension and benefit plan clients at a fair value. We work closely with our clients to translate complex accounting issues to ensure your financial reporting is relevant, easy to interpret, and meaningful to your unique needs.  

To effectively support our clients, we keep up-to-date with tax legislation and accounting standards, and actively maintain involvement with associations related to this sector, including: 

  • CPBI – Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute 
  • ACPM | ACARR – The Association of Canadian Pension Management 
  • IFEBP – International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans 

Who We Help

Smythe’s experts bring decades of expertise, advanced technical skills and in-depth knowledge to our pension and benefit plan clients, which include some of the top 100 pension plans in Canada with over $5 billion in assets.  

We collaborate closely with actuaries, plan administrators and investment managers to deliver a seamless experience that is in the best interest of the plan.  

What We Offer

Advising on industry-specific best practices


Advice and guidance on accounting and financial reporting

Making presentations to Trustees on audit matters and accounting

Historical rate-of-return calculations for investments

Keeping up-to-date with industry best practices

T3 trust tax filings specific to benefit plans

Conversion of health and welfare trusts to employee life and health trusts

Specified audit procedures on discounted cash flow investment valuations

Related Services

Audit, Assurance & Accounting

Whether you operate a private company, pension plan, public corporation, or a non-profit organization, we commit to provide personalized and professional audit, accounting and assurance services to meet your specific needs.


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