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Private Companies

As business owners themselves, the partners of our firm are intimately familiar with the opportunities and barriers privately held businesses face. Our first-hand experience is complemented by our history of working with a diverse portfolio of clients, from companies owned by the same family for generations to entrepreneurs focused on rapid expansion.


Growth-oriented private enterprises are the cornerstone of the Canadian economy, as well as of Smythe’s practice. Since our six founding partners established Smythe in 1980, we have built a reputation in British Columbia as a leading firm for privately owned businesses looking to step into the next phase of growth and opportunity. 

We bring decades of experience and a holistic, collaborative approach to understand the goals you have for your business. Our aim is to support you along every step of the way as you scale your enterprise. We assess your business from every angle, collaborating with a team of specialists to take a tailored approach that works for you.  

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Canadian Tax Planning & Compliance

Keeping up to date with Canada’s continuously changing tax laws is challenging and complex. Our trusted tax advisors work with private companies to decode taxation complexities, developing strategies and solutions ranging from estate and succession planning, planning for the sale of your business, and restructuring  

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Cross-border & US Tax

Every business has a unique blueprint within a cross-border landscape, which necessitates specific and customized tax strategies to maximize return for parties on both sides of the border. We work with private company clients in the United States with operations in Canada or ambitions to expand over the border. We also work with our network of trusted partners to provide US corporate tax assistance to Canadian clients with US subsidiaries.  

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Audits, Compilations and Reviews

Smythe’s assurance and accounting team works closely with private company clients to develop a specialized approach to meet their unique needs. With tailored consultation, we work to understand your business and deliver quality services to enhance the credibility and reliability of your financial statements. 

Our clients report under various frameworks including Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP).  

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Cloud Accounting

Smythe’s cloud accounting team offers a reliable and secure way to manage your books, no matter where you’re located. We leverage the latest cloud-based applications and technology to give you peace of mind and enable you to securely view your financials on the go. Our streamlined platform and the depth of our advisory and financial expertise will help you be more agile in your decision-making.

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Business Valuations

Knowing exactly what your business is worth is essential to optimizing the returns you receive from it. Smythe has the experience and industry insight needed to provide private company clients with an accurate and substantiated valuation of their business, empowering them to make the best decisions for their future. We support clients through various stages of their lifecycle, from raising capital to start a business, preparing for an expansion, attracting talent through an ESOP, and crafting exit strategies for their next phase of life. 

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales

Whether you are buying a new business or selling your current one, Smythe’s advisory team have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the full decision-making process. We can help you evaluate your options, develop a strategy, price and negotiate the deal and close the transaction. Over the decades, our advisors have successfully represented clients on transactions ranging from $1 million to $750 million. 

Succession Planning

Our team of advisors are dedicated to helping business owners seamlessly transition their business to the next generation or prepare for a change in ownership. We recognize that each business is distinctive, and our approach is rooted in understanding your specific goals, values, and aspirations, and supporting our clients with a holistic strategy that covers both tax planning and business advisory. 

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