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Smythe is committed to open communication and working together as a team, which contributes to a friendly, engaging and safe working environment. We have a celebration culture where we diligently recognize small and large contributions, validating the importance of every member.

We also believe in the importance of providing each member of our team with a strong foundation of training and a personalized career path to ensure success. Each individual has a coach and mentor to help develop goals, provide timely feedback and the resources to achieve excellence. We encourage employees to expand and grow through firm-sponsored courses and professional development.

Our Committees

The Social Committee coordinates firm-wide social events. From Friday Afternoon Socials (FAS) to celebrating holidays, this group is all about bringing our people together.

The Sustainability and Community Committee focuses on coordinating initiatives that allow us to give back to our community, as well as making the Firm greener and more sustainable.

The Wellness Committee is committed to bringing employee health and wellness to the forefront of our company culture by promoting and supporting initiatives on physical and mental health.

*All proceeds from the initiatives and activities hosted by our committees go towards a charitable organization chosen by the Firm and our committee members.

Going the Extra Mile

We understand the importance of work-life balance and encourage our people to take advantage of the many benefits offered at our Firm. Here are just a few perks to working at Smythe:

Wellness Fund – Every year our people are entitled to a wellness fund to support fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Volunteer Day – Smythe provides paid time to employees to give back to the community where staff may volunteer at a recognized charitable organization for a day.

Canucks Partnership – As huge Canucks fans, we continue to be a proud Canucks partner and have been for the past five seasons.

Sports Teams – Smythe has a championship soccer team, a finalist hockey team and a softball team.

Outdoor Active Living – During the spring and summer months we have an active running group that plans seawall and trail runs around Stanley Park, as well as a Grouse Grind group.

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