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Non-Profit Organizations

Smythe is dedicated to providing quality services at a fair value to our non-profit organization (NPO) clients across various sectors. We are well aware of the challenges NPOs may face and are available year-round to advise on those matters.


At Smythe, we have built a robust practice dedicated to catering to the NPO sector. We recognize that there are multiple stakeholders with varying needs involved in the success of such member-driven organizations. We take pride in being part of the team and serving as trusted advisors to our valued long-term NPO clients, with the collective aim of helping them succeed.

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Our Expertise

Our dedicated NPO team of partners, managers and chartered professional accountants have decades of experience providing clients with insight on audit and non-audit matters. The size of our practice is the key to the successful relationships we have built with our clients – we are big enough to offer specific knowledge and expertise, yet are small enough to be accessible on a timely basis.

What We Offer

Our talented and passionate team stays on top of regulatory changes and industry best practices to deliver superior quality financial services and advice, designed to help your organization grow and thrive.

Audits for funding requirements

Special reports and related engagements for funders

Board and AGM presentations

Tax and GST compliance

Assistance with budgeting

Helping organizations plan their structure related to GST matters

Reviewing investment policies

Charity return filings and reinstatements

Calculations of charting disbursement quotas

Who We Help



Professional Associations

Housing Societies

Community Services Organizations

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Our Involvement

We are proud to support various NPOs beyond our clientele, through volunteer involvement at various levels. This includes serving on Boards of Directors and on finance and other committees of organizations both local and national. Some of these include:

  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • BC 211
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation
  • Canadian Animal Assistance Team
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • BC Economic Planning Board – Ismaili Community

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