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Cross-Border & US Tax

Our team has tax expertise on both sides of the border and can assist with your US and Canadian cross-border tax questions.

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Whether you are a US citizen living in Canada or a Canadian business expanding into the US or vice versa, it is essential to strategically understand all the cross-border tax implications to manage your personal and corporate taxation needs.

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Our Expertise

Smythe has one of Canada’s largest cross-border tax practices for an independent firm, consisting of three partners and more than 15 tax professionals.

Our professionals provide proactive US & cross-border tax solutions and compliance services for individuals and Canadian businesses planning, operating and expanding in and staging an exit from the United States. Services provided include personal tax returns, corporate tax returns, estate returns and tax disclosure requirements, among others.

What We Offer

Smythe will keep you up-to-date with current tax laws, regulations and procedures that could impact your cross-border personal and business compliance needs.

We believe in a “one firm, one team” approach, wherein we collaborate closely with our internal tax, assurance and accounting, and M&A teams. Our network extends to Canadian and US legal counsel, financial advisors, trade associations, banks and other financial institutions.

Our tailored services include:

Understanding the estate & gift tax system in the US can be complicated, with rules and requirements constantly changing. If you have lost a loved one or are planning, for future generations, our team can provide US estate tax solutions to minimize your tax exposure and navigate the gauntlet of reporting for your beneficiaries.

The cross-border reporting obligations for shareholders and investors of Canadian Private Companies, US S Corporations and US LLCs can be extremely complex and have punitive tax consequences. Our team at Smythe can help you navigate the tax rules while ensuring your business objectives are met.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people relocating from Canada to the US, or vice versa, our consultants are experts in tax issues you must consider. This involves reviewing investments, reporting obligations and potential “traps” resulting from the network of laws between the two countries. Leaving this aspect of your move to us may free you up to focus on other pressing concerns.

Purchasing real estate is one of life’s most significant milestones, but can also be a source of worry if it involves cross-border taxation and reporting. We can provide you with both technical and practical input to ensure you are fully compliant with laws in both the US and Canada when you decide to take this step.

Our team can assist if you have stock options, RSUs or other stock plan income earned inside and outside of Canada. We have significant experience assisting employees with correctly reporting their stock income and reconciling what has been reported via payroll.

We have in-depth and direct experience with how businesses operate in the US and within a multi-state environment, whether that be small to mid-size enterprises or multi-national corporations.  

We work in tandem with our Canadian and international tax teams to help develop strategies that maximize after-tax returns on investments for Canadian owners and shareholders.

From setting up a US subsidiary C Corporation to investing in US Limited Partnerships, we help Canadian corporations and investors maximize their footprint while planning efficient and risk-mitigated repatriation strategies for funds coming back to Canada.

We assist Canadian corporations and investors in navigating the US tax system when purchasing, operating and selling commercial real estate. Our expertise includes like-kind exchanges and cost segregation analysis and reporting.

We are adept in developing multifaceted tax strategies geared towards collaboration between Canadians and Americans on business ventures. Every business has a unique blueprint within a cross-border landscape, which necessitates specific and customized tax strategies to maximize return for parties on both sides of the border.

Working in tandem with our internal Canadian and international tax groups, we can help structure and plan investments of US businesses or individuals interested in looking at Canada.

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Local Knowledge, Global Reach

As a member of Allinial Global, one of the largest global accounting networks, Smythe is internationally connected to independent accounting firms across the world. This relationship provides us with additional expertise, resources and connections in a variety of industries and tax jurisdictions.

We work closely with our Allinial Global affiliates to deliver trusted professional advice for our clients who require investment structuring in the US, Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe.

Tax Services Related Services

The tax landscape can be overwhelming to many. Our specialized consultants are adept at guiding clients through such daunting challenges, across industries. We have the resources and skills needed to help businesses of all sizes understand their tax needs, both locally and internationally.

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Tax Planning & Compliance

We can help you navigate the increasingly complex tax landscape to develop effective strategies and solutions that work for you and your business.


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Estates & Trusts

Our experts understand that there is more to estate planning than just taxes. We know that maintaining family harmony and properly charting business succession plans are equally important.


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