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Reminders Information for Personal Tax Season 2023

About the Client Tax Portal

The Client Tax Portal (CCH iFirm) is a secure way of uploading documents and detailed collaboration. This online service provides you with the ability to share all your personal tax documentation with Smythe from the comfort of your own home.

Smythe will continue to provide you access to the CCH iFirm Portal where you can upload all necessary documents. Your tax return and signature pages will also be delivered through this portal. If you wish to register for this feature, please email us. 

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Smythe has gone green

This tax season we continue our efforts to digitize as many of our processes as possible, both to reduce our dependency on paper and to boost efficiencies for our clients and staff. We encourage you to submit all your documentation through our client portal and also urge you to register with CRA My Account (the online portal for the CRA as soon as possible if you haven’t alreadyLike Smythe, the CRA is moving towards hosting all its processes online, including allowing you to access your Notice of Assessment and apply for new benefits and credits. 

Upcoming Deadlines

February 29, 2024

You should have received all T4, T4A, T5, etc. slips.

February 29, 2024

Final date for 2023 RRSP contributions.

March 15, 2024

Payment due date for first quarterly 2024 personal tax instalment.

April 2, 2024

You should have received all T3 and T5013 slips.

April 15, 2024

In order for Smythe to meet the mandated deadline, we require all documentation to be submitted to us by April 15. We are required to file tax returns electronically with the CRA so please do not wait for this deadline to submit your documents. We ask that you send us your information as soon as possible so we can streamline our workflow. Please use the client portal to submit your documentation. As a reminder, some tax slips may not arrive until April 1, in accordance with the filing deadlines with CRA.   

April 30, 2024

Due date for 2023 income tax return* and payment of taxes owing. Please note payments over $10,000 need to be paid through electronic means.
*Although sole proprietors tax returns are due June 15th, all taxpayers (including sole proprietors) must pay their personal income taxes by April 30th to avoid interest charges.

April 30, 2024

Due date for Underused Housing Tax (UHT) filings for 2022 and 2023 returns. (more information here)

About our Client Portal

The Client Tax Portal (CCH iFirm) is a secure way of uploading documents and detailed collaboration. This online service provides you with the ability to share all your personal tax documentation with Smythe from the comfort of your own home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See Portal Registration Guide

Every personal tax client of Smythe will receive a registration link to the portal by March 4, 2022.  If you did not receive a link, check the Junk Items folder in your email and if it isn’t there, email our support team for a new link.

To increase security, registration links expire after 7 days. To receive a new link, contact our support team for assistance.

Google Authenticator is required for two-factor authentication for our online services.  If you need support on how to get started with Google Authenticator, Google has detailed instructions on their support site.

We’ve tried to keep the folder structure simple for you to use. Each client has a set of folders related to documents that are being shared back and forth between yourself and your preparer, as well as a set of folders where documents that require signatures can be found.

Useful Resources

Personal Income Tax Resource

The CRA has collated a list of general information that could be useful to filers, located on their website.

Personal Income Tax: What’s New for 2022

2022 Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

We have created a personal income tax return checklist that you can fill on your computer to help you identify the information required to file your personal income tax return. We urge you to submit your documentation to us only when you have collected all or most of the necessary information, keeping the deadlines laid out above in mind.

Note: If you received any late or amended tax slips, please provide us a copy of it as soon as possible to avoid incurring significant penalties.

2022 Personal Income Tax Return Checklist

Did you own foreign property in 2022?

If you held any type of foreign property, even cryptocurrency, with a value greater than CA$100,000 at any time during 2022, you are required to report it to the CRA. Please review and complete the Foreign Reporting Form linked below so we can prepare the T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement Form for you. Your investment advisor will send you a foreign property report related to your investments that you must provide to us.

Foreign Property Reporting Form

Home Office Expenses for Employees Working at Home due to COVID-19 

The CRA has extended its program that allows an individual to claim expenses incurred when working from home due to Covid-19. You can use the CRA’s online calculator to determine if and how much you can claim. There are two methods you can use to calculate your claim. We recommend trying both and letting us know what your total claim amount is.

1. The temporary flat rate method is easy to calculate ($2/day up to a maximum of $500). It requires no supporting documentation. If you own your home, this method may result in a higher claim amount than the more detailed method laid out below.

2. The detailed method requires you to submit supporting documentation as well as Form T2200S from your employer. If you rent your home, this method may result in a higher claim than the flat-rate method laid out above.

Learn more about Home Office Expenses

Did you sell your principal residence in 2022?

If you sold your principal residence in 2022, you are required to report that sale on your personal income tax return. Alternatively, if you sold or changed the use of a residential real estate property (from rental to personal use, or vice versa) in 2022, it is important that you notify us and complete Schedule 6 on the Personal Income Tax Checklist.


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