Erniza Ong

Senior Manager


Cross-Border & US Tax


Erniza Ong

Erniza is primarily focused on personal Canadian and US taxation services. She specializes in providing cross-border income tax planning and compliance to US citizens and residents living or working in Canada, as well as individuals who are moving or working in the United States. At Smythe, she is actively involved in mentorship programs.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Erniza moved to Vancouver, BC during high school. She graduated from Douglas College with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2017, with a major in accounting and a concentration in business law. She joined Smythe in 2016, and successfully passed the Common Final Exam (CFE) in September 2019.

Outside of work, Erniza enjoys spending time with family and friends, dining out, exploring new restaurants and baking. She also has an interest in interior design and photography.