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Campus Recruitment

Our program for students provides you with the opportunity to become an accounting professional. When you’re ready to transform your academic knowledge into real-world experience, Smythe supports you at every step. We provide coaching and mentorship, time off to prepare for your CFE exam, as well as internship and co-op opportunities.

Recognized as BC and Canada’s Best

Smythe has been recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers and one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers for 2024, highlighting our commitment to professional development, flexible work arrangements, and exceptional workplace culture. Click the link below to learn more.

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Since 1980, we have guided hundreds of students on their journey to becoming qualified and successful accountants. In addition to life at Smythe perks, we have developed an extensive infrastructure that supports and empowers articling students, and that will set you up for growth and success in your future career.

Smythe runs a year-round recruitment campaign for articling students on all major university campuses in British Columbia. We make it a point to actively engage with and talk to students at all points in their studies.

Every September, articling student graduates join our team, working on a full-time basis while also completing the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) needed to gain the CPA designation.

Additionally, we offer internship and co-op positions throughout the year that support the curriculum of various university accounting programs in British Columbia and Canada.

At Smythe, we believe in helping the accountants of tomorrow develop and pursue their professional goals. Through one-on-one mentorship and opportunities to work directly with clients, Smythe provides the perfect environment for new grads to translate their academic knowledge into real-world experience.

Smythe is active in schools in post-secondary institutions around the lower mainland. We would love to meet you at one of the events we attend including CPA BC Careers week and more. See below for more information.

CPABC Careers Week

The CPA BC Careers Week is an opportunity for you to connect with us, learn about your life at Smythe, and ask about articling or co-op positions.
We are at the Careers week 3 times a year at both in-person and virtual events.

Campus Events

Smythe attends campus events throughout the year where we meet and greet with students. You can learn more about our company, culture, and roles available. We also provide career counselling.

Campus Club Events

Smythe also partners with clubs throughout BC including UBC Accounting Club, UBC DAP Club, SFU Accounting Club, Langara College Accounting Club, BCIT Accounting Club, and many more. Reach out if you’re interested in our co-op/articling roles.

Career Fairs & Conferences

Smythe also attends career fairs throughout BC. You can meet experienced and articling students and talk more about open roles at Smythe.

Public practice firms have always been the gold standard for CPA designations within the finance and accounting industries. They provide a rich learning environment across industries and types of companies, spanning the range from private and public-sector businesses to non-profits and publicly traded organizations. Such varied exposure often proves to be invaluable in helping a young professional decide where they want their career to take them. Public practice firms allow for attentive training, close mentorship and industry exposure, all of which are fundamental first steps in defining the decades-long trajectory of an accounting career.

At Smythe, we take immense pride in the deep roots we have grown in British Columbia. For decades now, since 1980, we have served local businesses with dedication and passion, and along the way, we have built a respected brand that we can all be proud of. Our people are known for their professionalism, warmth, expertise and experience, and we always look forward to welcoming additions to our team who share our values, ethics and goals.

Applications for the 2025 co-op and CPA articling program are now open! Applications will close on the 28th of April 2024 (Sunday) by 11:59pm.

We offer a Pre-approved Program Route (PPR) for articling students in the areas of Canadian Tax, Audit and ACT (Assurance, Compilation and Tax).

Click here to find all the exciting 2025 opportunities on our website and upload your application package to complete the process.

In order to apply, you’ll need to:

  • Ensure that your program or your credentials cover the prerequisites for the PPR program;
  • Combine in one document your cover letter, your resume and a copy of your unofficial transcripts;
  • Find a suitable articling role here on our website and upload your application package to complete the process

Want to stand out?

It is important that you answer all the questions in the application, and to follow all the directions carefully. Be sure to plan your application process ahead and take the time to get your application right the first time. Following directions correctly is the first step on the CPA journey.

Know your CPA pathway

We suggest using the information and resources presented on the CPABC website so that you can best understand the path your personal CPA journey might take, as well as the requirements of the program route that is right for you. On the site you will also be able to access experienced advisors who may be able to answer any questions you have. You can find them at:

We wish everyone all the best in securing the CPA journey that best fits for them. You’ve chosen an amazing career with a great future!

As an articling student at Smythe, you will benefit from mentorship, coaching and training from highly qualified and experienced accountants. We use both classroom and on-the-job practical training to help you develop the necessary technical skills, as well as learn about business development and project management.

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You will be partnered with a coach, who will closely monitor your progress as you begin your modules and during all modules of the CPA program. We take into account your learning style and career goals when assigning you a mentor, who will ensure a good balance in assignments to shore up all areas of knowledge as you prepare for exams. You can expect open communication across all levels, timely feedback and a supportive cohort of peers and leaders.

For Professional Education Program (PEP) study purposes, Smythe supports CPA students through a combination of paid fees, paid time off and time off permitted as a leave of absence without pay.

During Core Modules 1–4 students will be given two days (up to four days if needed) unpaid leave for study time, for which they can use their banked overtime or vacation entitlement.

CFE writers are allowed a maximum of 10 weeks (50 working days) of time off in their CFE year which includes Capstone 1, Capstone 2 and Common Final Exam days through a combination of paid and unpaid time (students may use banked overtime or vacation entitlement for paid time). The 10 weeks apply toward the calendar year of the CFE date between January 1 and December 31.

All our students progress through the audit and assurance path, which means they will gain experience in a wide variety of sectors and industries. We also believe that learning how to communicate with clients is a critical component of being a successful accountant. For this reason, we introduce our junior staff to clients very early in their careers, so they can begin honing these essential skills and developing necessary relationships.

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Not just a Career Your Life at Smythe

Helia Salut – Accountant

“I feel fortunate to be a part of Smythe as I navigate the challenging path of becoming a CPA. The support and assistance provided by the firm have been invaluable to my journey. From having bright study partners to insightful guidance from my coach, every step of the way has been made more manageable and enjoyable. Smythe’s commitment to the success of its candidates is evident in the resources, mentorship, and encouragement provided.”

Nathan Yip- Senior Tax Analyst

“My experience at Smythe on the Canadian Tax Team has been great since Day 1. Every new start has that experience of feeling completely lost, and the managers/principals/partners understand that. I remember my first time working with Teree, during a call to have a task explained, and then 10 minutes later saying: “Sorry I’m still lost, can we call again?” She agreed and patiently re-explained with no hesitation, and she’s a principal with a busy schedule! That first memory has always stuck with me.”

Ben Capps – Partner, CPA Mentor

“One of the unique privileges of the CPA profession is the opportunity to participate in the education process as a training office. I have gotten so much out of my career as a CPA, and am very proud of the part Smythe plays in the development of CPAs and CPA students. Seeing our staff develop unique problem-solving abilities is one of the most rewarding parts of my career.”

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Looking to start your career at Smythe?

Smythe LLP is a leading professional services firm with locations in Vancouver, Langley and Nanaimo. Since 1980, we have been providing assurance, taxation, and business advice to private and public clients across BC and Canada, empowering them to grow and thrive.

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