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Smythe held its sixth annual Cross-Border Business Forum in Vancouver, BC. Our Forum was of particular interest to Canadians looking to expand their business to the US, Europe and Mexico. At Smythe we are increasingly aware of the international nature of our business and our clients’ businesses and as a result, are proud to be an active member of Allinial Global, which connects us to 250 office locations in 13 different countries.

This network has enabled us to extend our global reach around the world. At this year’s Cross-Border Business Forum we were delighted to welcome colleagues from seven of these countries, including the United States, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Canada.

They succeeded in sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience with us over our two-day forum. Click here to see where our guests came from. We also welcomed guest speakers from US law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP, the Mexican Government institution ProMéxico, Pro Kío, Entrada Group, Legacy Tax & Trust Lawyers, Department of Foreign Affairs Trade & Devlopment, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver, North Shore Studios, FundRazr, Global Relay, British Columbia Technology Association and Scenario.

Cross-Border Business Forum Gallery

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Event Topics & Presentations Doing Business in the United States Topics included a US tax update, Canadians doing business in the US, Transfer pricing and US corporate attorney on legal and immigration issues. View Doing Business in the United States presentations here. Doing Business in Europe Topics included information on the Canada-EU comprehensive economic and trade agreement, a review of CETA as well as information about doing business in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. View Doing Business in Europe presentations here. Doing Business in Mexico Topics included the business climate in Mexico, contract manufacturing in Mexico, Mexican tax regulations and transfer pricing issues. View Doing Business in Mexico presentations here. US Estate Tax Planning for Canadians Topics included estate planning for US citizens living in Canada, US vacation property ownership and estate planning for Canadians with US resident children. View US Estate Tax Planning for Canadians presentations here. Let’s Talk Tech Cross-Border Business for Startup and Emerging Technology Companies Topics included US and Canadian tax considerations on expansion to the US, European tax considerations, selling over the internet including SAAS, US state and local tax considerations including sales tax and an introduction to California. View Let’s Talk Tech presentations here. For more information about our Cross-Border Forum or Smythe’s International Business practice contact us here.

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